Used Truck Tires

Tire dealers now offer used truck tires for those who need to save up on cash. Find out what you need to look for when buying used truck tires.

One of the things that consumers put off until the last minute is buying tires. Most enterprises would rather spend money on other essential items for their business than changing their truck tires. It is only when it is absolutely necessary to change tires will they concern themselves with it. This is primarily because of how expensive tires are. These days a majority of motorists will buy second hand or used tires from tire stores in order to save money. Online tire stores also offer used tires but the risky thing about this is you do not see what you are buying until it is delivered to your doorstep. There is no way for you to inspect the merchandise and trust that it is in good working condition.

It is surprising to know that tire stores and tire dealers sell used truck tires. Different used truck tire brands are being offered by third party tire stores and online tire stores.  Yes, used truck tires are definitely cheaper than brand new ones, but you have to be cautious when buying used tires. If you know what you are looking for, you will definitely get your money’s worth. But if not, you will still pay a lower price but the tires may not last long.

Here are some guidelines that may help you when purchasing used truck tires.

  • First, it is best to determine the type of road or roads your truck will travel on. You will need tires with lower profile or sidewall size if it’s going to be driven primarily on highways and smooth roads. But if it will pass through rough or high terrain roads, then you will need tires with higher profile or sidewall size.
  • It is also important to inspect the treads for wear and tear. The tread wear and tear pattern will tell you how the previous owners have driven the tires. This will also prevent your from buying tires that have been misused before. If you accidentally buy a used truck tire with bad tread, you are also putting your and others’ safety at risk.
  • Check also the beads of the tires. Whether a truck tire is new or used, the beads should be undamaged and fit perfectly onto the tire rims. Never buy a used truck tire without checking the beads.

You may also want to explore buying used truck tires that are retread or re-manufactured. The retread used truck tires means that the manufacturers or tire dealers will take out the worn out tread of the tire and put in new treads. With this new tread, you will also get better traction. But sadly, retread used truck tires are not yet available nationwide. Tire stores seldom carry this kind of tires.