Is It Safe to Buy Used Tires?

There are tire dealers that offer used or slightly used tires to help motorists save money. But the question is, is it safe to buy used tires?

Dire economic situations force many people to cut back on their basic necessities. Nowadays, more and more families are using store discount coupons just so they can save and stretch their budget a little more. Buying second hand or slightly used things, such as furniture, gadgets, appliances and the like is also a way to save money. People flock yard sales and rummage through the sale items for anything that can still be of use – granted that it is still in good condition.

Maintaining a vehicle can also be costly. In fact, most vehicle owners would only get the cheapest insurance available. Changing car parts can also be costly and expensive. Most people will resort to buying second hand or surplus parts to save money, and this can include tires. Tire dealers started selling used or slightly used tires offering budget-challenged consumers cheap tires.

Points to Consider

The question is “Is it safe to buy used tires?” Some consumers who are in a financial bind would immediately jump at this kind of offer without second thoughts and we cannot blame them. But there is a lingering question as to how safe it is to buy used tires. Is it really a good way to save money?

When you do your research online, you will come across many people who say that it is not ideal to buy used tires. In fact, Consumer Reports has released an article on the matter. These are only a few of the several reasons cited as to the why buying used tires is risky. Let’s check each one of them.

  • You don’t know where it has been and the manner it was used. You should take into consideration the condition in which the tire has been used – can it be driven when overloaded or running at high speed?
  • The kind of road it was driven on – were the tires used for city driving, on smooth surfaces or driven off road or over rocky surfaces?
  • Another element to take into consideration is how the tires were taken care of by its previous owners. Did they over or under inflate the tires?

Yes, buying used tires can be a cheaper alternative but it can put your life at risk. Remember, it is not only how long the tires were actually used, but how long has it been since it was manufactured before it was used. Tires are made of rubber and they have their usual wear and tear regardless if they have been used or not.

Another thing to consider when buying used tires is that you can use it for a short period of time only. You may need to replace it after a couple of months and it will cost you money again. When you sum it up, you may be paying more with used tires than buying a new one. If money is an issue, you can use an alternative tire brand that does not cost too much. They are also tire stores that offer discount coupons and you can explore that option as well.

With all these valid points to consider, it is probably not safe to buy used tires. You may be saving money now, but the risks far outweigh the benefits of such a deal.